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04/11/2014 General Correspondence First aid training

Nov 2014 Public File
11/09/2014 Finance Letter requesting funding from Chair of Memorial Hall Committee Sep 2014 Public File
08/09/2014 Footpaths & Highways Local Transport Review Plan

We have now reached the next stage of this process. We would like to invite you to a Transport Strategy Workshop. This is where your views on issues and scheme priorities will be captured to inform the emerging transport strategies included within the LTP.

Eight strategy areas have been identified within the county. The workshops will be used to discuss our existing evidence base, confirm known issues and prioritise potential schemes across these. The workshops will be led by the County Council’s consultants commissioned to write the eight strategies.

The location of each workshop will influence the focus of the discussions. It is therefore recommended that you attend the workshop/s in the district areas you are most interested in. Parishes and organisations near district borders may find it beneficial to attend both their local workshop and a neighbouring workshop. There will be an opportunity at all workshops to raise views on other strategies not covered by the session, but this will be limited.

In response to the anticipated level of interest in the review process, attendance at workshops is limited to a maximum of two individuals per organisation (where applicable).

The workshop will last for two and half hours and refreshments will be provided.

The details of the events are provided below:

3rd October 10 am Tewkesbury Town Hall
8th October 10 am Ingleside House, Cirencester
9th October 2 pm Brockworth Community Centre (Gloucester)
22nd October 2pm Nailsworth Town Hall
24th October 10am Mitcheldean Community Centre
28th October 2pm Cheltenham Civil Service Sports Club
Please can you confirm which workshop you (or your representatives) would like to attend by 30th September 2014?

Sep 2014 Public File
14/08/2014 Planning Alternative contact for Minerals Allocation Plan

All letters and emails can be sent here in addition to registering your comments on the previous links.

Aug 2014 Public File


1. The proposed site is greenfield. Development of which would cause considerable environmental damage in an Area of Outstanding Beauty.
2. There has not been proven need for the quarry material (limestone) in fact the demand has decreased.
3. Road access is insufficient. Suggested link road to the A48 would cause considerable environmental damage and disturbance to people and nature and would increase the chance of accidents and therefore fatalities on the A48.
4. The pressure on the ground water would be significant. The geology and hydro-geology is complex through the escarpment and development of the quarry would impact on the streams and brooks feeding through the village.
5. The production of crushed rock is unlikely to be achieved until the end or after the plan period therefore it will not meet land bank needs.
6. The quarry will cause considerable disturbance to local communities and there will be a potential for vibration and damage to buildings including and ancient church.
7. Experience of one parishioner who has worked with quarries was that the impact of cement lorries as well as quarry lorries should be considered and that once the area has been quarried and a large hole dug that local councils had a tendency to use them as refuse dumps.
WAQ - Woolaston Against Quarrying was reformed at the meeting tonight and anyone wanting support this cause should contact me for details of WAQ's members and register your objection or one or more of those listed above ASAP at the following link:


Aug 2014 Public File
21/07/2014 General Correspondence Chartered Parishes Meeting Notes Sep 2014 Public File
02/07/2014 General Correspondence Minerals Local Plan Site Options and Draft Policy Framework

link to the above;

Jul 2014 Public File
02/07/2014 General Correspondence Action4our Care

Letters sent by the above.

Jul 2014 Public File
05/06/2014 Footpaths & Highways grass cutting issues raised by parishioners - correspondence

Please see below correspondence from the Grass cutting contractor with reference to issues raised by parishioners.

Hi Georgie

I have spoken with my lads and some places they cant get in with the collection mower ie church yard cemetery, they will get in where they can and the rest will have to be strimmed. they will collect around the play area and I will mention the little bit in the corner of Netherend Crescent. The area of the new planted trees will be done when we have the big machine in the area.

Many Thanks

Rich Cole (Proprietor)
Richard Cole Contracting

Jun 2014 Public File
05/06/2014 General Correspondence Severn Estuary Partnership

link to severn estuary partnership please check the links i post regularly for any information.

Jun 2014 Public File
25/05/2014 General Correspondence Local Transport Plan Review

Local Transport Plan Review 2014 Information Event
2pm – 4pm, Thursday 3rd July 2014
Council Chamber
Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2TH
please confirm attendance

Jun 2014 Public File
08/05/2014 General Correspondence link to chartered parish meeting website

a link to the Chartered Parish website for minutes and agendas of meetings

May 2014 Public File
02/05/2014 General Correspondence Govtoday website Link

National group event.

May 2014 Public File
02/05/2014 General Correspondence Public Sector Mapping Agreement

This is a link to the above website. All information they send me is available on this website.

May 2014 Public File
02/05/2014 Other Items on Agenda Rural Services Network

A link to the Rural Services Network Forest of Dean. I get updates from them regularly and from this link you will be able to see anything that effects our area.

May 2014 Public File
02/05/2014 Other Items on Agenda Severn Estuary Partnership

This is a link to the Severn Estuary Partnership April update.

May 2014 Public File
10/03/2014 Parish Property Housing Newsletter Mar 2014 Public File
10/02/2014 General Correspondence Chartered Parishes Meeting Notes Feb 2014 Public File
10/02/2014 Parish Property homeseekers newsletter Feb 2014 Public File
10/02/2014 Footpaths & Highways Footpath at Woolaston Grange Feb 2014 Public File